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Hawaii Film Office - Film Permit Application

Aloha! This is the Film Permit Application for your use in requesting State properties for filming locations. This form is for State of Hawaii locations ONLY.

The first page of the form is the General Information Section which applies to the overall project. You have a choice of Open & Accessible locations for each of the counties and for other locations.

HELPFUL TIP: Most beaches and parks are included in our DLNR Open/Accessible Sites lists for the four major islands. By indicating DLNR O/A Sites for a particular island as one of your locations you can go to any of the places on the list – they don't have to be requested individually. Your project must meet "pre-approved" criteria for this option, i.e. small crew using standard equipment, no special effects.

You must complete one Specific Information Section (signature page) for EACH location requested. The Addendum form is used to make changes to permits you've already submitted. To add a new location to your permit, please list the additional location under Other Locations and re-send it together with a Specific Information Section page.

Film permit application forms can also be downloaded from our website at hawaiifilmoffice.com. Please call the Film Office at 808-586-2570 if you have any questions.


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